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Not Science

Investor Relations has evolved. What was previously formulaic and rote has become dynamic and nuanced. 

IR is an art, not a science. IR is the psychology of investor and shareholder sentiment, mood, biases and predilections. It is the behavioral finance of analyst forecasts. It is the underlying dynamic of markets and volatility. 

IR is communications. It's brand identity and brand messaging. It's mindshare and the strategic, targeted dissemination of corporate passion and potential. 

IR is relationships. Institutional, high net worth, family office, sovereign wealth and pension funds. 

High Impact IR can be the difference between market outperformance or underperformance. 

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High Impact IR understood our business, our goals in the analyst community, and our equity holder objectives. They crafted a plan that measurably increased our performance with our most important investor clients and shareholders.

Quinn Davis

Attractive Young Woman

Working with High Impact IR was a gamechanger for our company. They know and understand investor psychology better than any IR firm we've worked with before. They simply "get it". Share price is up, sentiment has improved, and investors are seeking us out.

Sandy Williams

Elegant Female

The changes that High Impact IR helped us implement made a material difference in our ability to communicate effectively with analyst and investor stakeholders. Without their guidance, we'd still be fighting for mindshare.

Casey Johnson

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